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Drainage Pipe On Water Heater

Drainage Pipe On Water Heater

While the water heater gets older, the inside water tank starts to weaken out of rust & corrosion, which can cause the tank to leak, rupture, and dampen the contained water inside. Some municipalities require installing a water heater drain pan underneath the water heater.

The pan will prevent water from spilling onto the floor, but it contains a drain line so the water can reach the pan safely. So, you have to follow the local building codes while installing the drain pan & drain line.

Water Heater Drain Pipe Installation

Most municipalities require that drain lines empty the water in a floor drain. It will help to lay a path for your drain line by following the local building codes out of your tank. So, if you don't have a floor drain, drain the water in a sump pit.

You can use a PVC pipe or a rubber hose for the drain line if you have a water heater within 6 inches from the drain line. If it's further than 6 inches, use a rubber hose. A PVC pipe can pose a tripping hazard if it extends out from the water heater.

• Drill A Hole For Fitting

Drill a hole within the drain pan if your manufacturer didn't pre-drill a hole. Place the hole bottom 1/2 inch from the bottom of the pan. Trace the threaded side of the PVC fitting onto the drain pan side to mark the whole you will cut. Usually, you will find the drain pan as part of the fitting, but if you want a special one, get one 3/4 inch as anything smaller than that, it will not allow the pan to drain quickly.

• Seal The Fitting

Insert the fitting's threaded side & secure it with the nut. It would help if you held the fitting while tightening the nut with a pair of lock pliers. Apply the thick bead of clear silicone adhesive around the joint where the fitting contact with the drain pan to seal the joint.

Always use PVC cement & primer while fitting the PVC fixtures altogether to ensure proper sealing. The purpose of using the primer is to clean the surface of the plastic & soften it. The PVC cement will melt the PVC surface for a minute to join the surfaces in a seamless waterproof joint.

• Connect The Drain Pipe Hose

Cut a piece of the PVC pipe or the rubber hose to fit the distance between the drain pan & where you drain the water. Slide one of the hose endings over the fitting on the outside of the pan. Then, secure the hose with a clamp. Place the other hose end over the drain line.

If you are using PVC pipe, apply the first primer to the surfaces of the pipe & fitting that are in contact with each other. Let the primer dry, then apply PVC cement on the surfaces. Hold the pipe & fitting for 30 seconds after fitting them together.

You can use a torpedo level to ensure that the pipe level is down away from the drain pan, not toward the drain pan. Place the drain pan in a place where you can place the water heater inside.

• Check The Pan For Leaks

Now, you've done with your water heater pan installation. So, it would help if you kept monitoring the pan for leaks. As by time, water heaters get old & the tank corrode which cause leaks! Replace your water heater when it starts leaking as it will flood the room!


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Water runs; that’s nature. You can’t stop water from running, but you can control its movement. Water goes away from the drains, not the opposite. So, once you have water coming from the drain means that your sewer system is clogged or broken. Here, raises the question of what can make the drain clogged?
They are:

  • Lint
  • Grease
  • Soap Scum
  • Sewer breakdown
And more causes that will clog your drain, preventing the water from going away.

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Any water leak from any source in your house is bad news. It’s not only obnoxious to hear the dripping of water from your ceiling all night. It’s also the water bill that will leave you broke by the end of the year. It may seem like a minor problem, but soon it will leave you wishing you did something about it. If you live in Sugar Land, Texas, and you’re looking for somebody for professional water leak detection, call Plumber In Sugar Land TX.

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There is wax under the toilet’s base to seal the toilet from the floor, so if there is any toilet leak, this layer of wax would be the first damaged thing. So, from where does that black colour come? It comes from mold, sewage, and black bacteria. The leak means that the wastewater doesn’t go through the sewer line outside the house. Most of the quantity is accumulated under the toilet, between the toilet and the floor. That will cause several problems, not just the black ring under the toilet. Can you imagine the smell? That’s considered as one of the bad side effects.

What can we do to remove the black ring and fix the leak?

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Water meter leaks are one of those plumbing issues that have to be solved as fast as possible. So, we advise you to get an expert plumber in (Sugar Land, Texas); you can hire (Plumber In Sugar Land TX) for this mission, stopping the leak in a few minutes. Believe it or not, 10% of homes in the USA waste more than 90 gallons of water every day just from these small leaks. So, we can assist you here to identify if you have any leaks at your water meter or not.

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